AUN-QA University level

No. Evidence code Evidences
1 TC01 01 The Decision on issuing the vision and mission of UT-HCMC / Faculties
2 10 The meeting minutes of UT-HCMC’s Science & Training Committe; The documents for collecting stakeholders’ opinion on the draft of expected learning outcomes and the data collection
3 27 The Decisions on issuing and adjusting the expected learning outcomes; The information publised on the websites of UT-HCMC and Faculties
4 TC02 20 The plans and content of the orientation week
5 22 The survey form(s) and/or link(s); The summary of stakeholders’ feedback on the Curriculum and Course Specification – The Department of Quality Management
6 TC03 01 Decision(s) on issuing the procedure of designing and developing the Curriculum_UT
7 10 The Regulation and process for reviewing and adjusting the Curriculum
8 TC04 01 Decision(s) on issuing  “The Education Philosophy” and “Core Values” of UT-HCMC
9 05 E-learning website
10 06 The statistics of training activities, fostering pedagogical methods for lecturers within five years
11 11 The announcements and photos about the annual job fairs within 5 years
12 TC05 02 The plans and projects of the annual university enrollment; The processes of organizing university enrollment activities
13 03 The Regulations on designing the bank of examination questions and organizing summative assessment of UT-HCMC
14 04 The Regulations on training
15 05 The university enrollment materials; The information is available on UT-HCMC’s website; The university enrollment information is available on media
16 06 The announcements about testing and assessment regulations are available on internal website
17 07 Student handbook
18 14 The announcements about the activities of  supervising lecturers/academic advisers
19 15 The Decision on issuing the annual academic progress
20 16 The announcements of the semester exam schedule;
21 17 The announcements of the plans to review students for graduation
22 18 The examination schedules published on the students’ and Department of Academic Affairs’ websites
23 21 The Regulation on UT-HCMC’s credit-based training
24 24 The bank of examination questions – The Department of Quality Management
25 26 The statistics of training activities on testing and assessment for lecturers within five years
26 27 The statistics of testing and assessment activities, as well as the use of assessment outcomes to improve quality within five years
27 29 The survey records of students’ feedback (survey sheets, reports, data, …)
28 34 The diagram: The process for announcing the summative testing and assessment outcomes
29 37 The survey sheet about the process for announcing and responding to learning outcomes
30 38 The survey findings on learners’ satisfaction with the methods and timing of learning outcomes response
31 39 The form of exam reassessment request
32 TC06 02 The strategic plan for  UT-HCMC’s development
33 04 The procedure of  UT-HCMC’s personnel planning
34 05 The outcomes of UT-HCMC’s personnel planning
35 06 Decisions on approving the Job Position Project
36 07 The survey of lecturers’ training needs
37 12 The Decisions on issuing Regulations on working policies of UT-HCMC’s lecturers
38 16 The annual emulation and commendation results
39 19 ISO procedure of lecturer recruitment
40 20 The announcements of lecturer recruitment published on UT-HCMC’s website and newspapers
41 21 Decisions on establishing an Personnel Recruitment Committee
42 22 The announcements about a list of recruited contract lecturers, and regular lecturers on UT-HCMC’s website
43 24 The process of personnel appointment
44 26 Inspection Department’s report on the supervision of lecturers’ teaching activities; The statistics of lecturers’ teaching and scientific research work for commendation review
45 28 The analysis reports on lecturers’ and stakeholders’ satisfaction in the working positions of the Faculties
46 35 The results of emulation and commendation at the University level
47 40 UT-HCMC’s Internal Financial Regulations
48 42 Illustrated photos of softwares and human resources management system
49 43 The announcements regarding the collection of opinions on Lecturers’ Working Regulations
50 44 The meeting minutes of approving Lecturers’ Working Regulations
51 45 The Lecturers’ Working Regulations
52 46 The Emulation and Commendation Regulations
53 47 Regulations on early wage increase
54 48 UT-HCMC’s Appointment Regulations
55 49 The lecturer’s self-remark and request to renew working contracts
56 51 The results of lecturers’ Emulation and Commendation at the University level
57 53 The statistics of the survey findings of lecturers’ satisfaction in assessment results
58 55 The announcements concerning proposal and approval of scientific research projects, teaching materials and instructing students in scientific research
59 56 The Science and Technology Department’s plans and announcements regarding inspecting progress of conducting scientific research projects; compiling textbooks, materials
60 57 The process of acceptance of scientific research projects, textbooks, documents …
61 TC07 01 The analysis and forecasting of the academic support staff’s needs at the Faculties and UT-HCMC
62 04 The statistics of library staff in terms of quantity and qualifications; Library’s website; The introduction video of the library operation process
63 05 The list of personnel in charge of information technology systems
64 07 The list of personnel in charge of student support in Departments of Administration, Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, Facilities
65 08 The statistics of personnel in charge of student support of the Faculties (The list of personnel in charge of student support of UT-HCMC)
66 09 The plans for fostering the assisstance personnel of the Faculties and UT-HCMC
67 11 Photos of the professional training sessions, expert advice, training sessions of Center of Data Storage and Information Technology
68 12 UT-HCMC’s Organization and Operation Regulations
69 13 UT-HCMC’s Job Positions Project
70 14 The announcement regarding the collection of opinions on UT-HCMC’s Organization and Operation Regulations
71 15 The statistical document of revisions to UT-HCMC’s Organization and Operation Regulations based on the collection of stakeholders’ opinions
72 16 The announcements of personnel recruitment
73 17 Photos of the announcements of personnel recruitment on UT-HCMC’s website and bulletin boards, newspapers
74 18 The ISO process of personnel recruitment
75 19 The working contract; The self-remarks and requests to continue to sign contracts
76 20 UT-HCMC’s Personnel Appointment and Wage Increase Regulations
77 21 The Decisions on personnel recruitment, appointment and transfer published on UT-HCMC’s website
78 22 The reports of personnel recruitment results through recruitment periods
79 25 Photos of mail box and feedback of students about staff in charge of learners support
80 27 The registration for learning needs to improve staff’s professional qualifications
81 26 The student surveys on the quality of the Quality Management Department’s staff
82 28 The plans and budget for training and fostering support staff
83 29 The Decisions on sending staff to professional training courses
84 30 The summary reports and assessment of activities to develop UT-HCMC’s support personnel
85 31 UT-HCMC’s Working Regulations
87 32 The table for monitoring, explaining, and checking personnel’s attendance of units
88 33 The staff’s self-assessment report; The judgement results of completion level of staff’s duties at units
89 34 UT-HCMC’s Emulation and Commendation Regulations
90 35 The anncouncements concerning the collection of opinions on effective performance assessment regulations
91 36 The plans for the vote on titles: typical staff, typical lecturers, inspirational characters
92 TC08 01 The Regulations on the regular University – College student Enrolment of Minstry of Education and Training
93 02 The regular University – College student enrollment Projects over several years
94 04 The announcements of the regular University and College student enrolment plan;
95 05 The evidence on student enrollment information is public: student enrollment information has published in the media, UT-HCMC’s pages, the Faculties’ websites; Photos and documents regarding student consulting and enrollment at high schools
96 06 The Admission Committee’s meeting minutes
97 08 The statistics of the number of students who successfully passed university matriculation examinations;
98 12 UT-HCMC’s credit-based regular university training regulations
99 14 UT-HCMC’s supervising lecturers, and academic advisors Regulations
100 15 The introduction video of PMT software: features, data systems of learning progress, learning results and capacity of students
101 19 Announcement of the draft and students’ training results
102 21 Student handbook
103 26 The statistics of scholarships for students; Activities to support loans, social allowances, tuition fee exemptions for students
104 33 The plans and results of the survey on learners’ satisfaction with UT-HCMC’s and Faculties’ consulting and support system;
105 34 The documents regarding the collection of students’ opinions on UT-HCMC’s and Faculties’ consulting and support system at live dialogues
106 35 The introduction video of UT-HCMC’s facilities and equipment – Focusing on introducing conveniences to students
107 36 Photos of classrooms
108 37 Photos of library, digital library
109 38 Photos of physical education area
110 39 Photos of swimming pool
111 40 Photos of self-study area
112 41 Photos of canteen
113 42 Photos of offices
114 43 The documents regulating office culture; behavior rules; classroom regulations
115 44 The plans for new students’ health examination; The announcements of paying students’ health insurance charge; Photos of consulting, and health care of medical department for students
116 45 The student survey findings show that the level of satisfaction on learning environment and facilities
117 TC09 01 The statistics of the area of all types: classrooms, lecture halls, computer rooms, foreign language classrooms, laboratories and equipment, teacher rooms, sports grounds, swimming pools
118 02   Video introducing the university’s facilities
119 03 Photos of classrooms, lecture halls with equipments
120 04  Statistics of usage time of different types of classrooms, lecture halls, computer rooms, foreign language classrooms, laboratories, sports grounds and other equipment
121 05 Regulations on registration process for classroom/equipment use, usage rate, inactivity/operational time, operating hours
122 06 Introduction video about using online training system – Elearning.
123 07 Registration form for room use; Notebook of lecturers’ opinions on teaching facilities and equipments
124 08  Maintenance Plan for classrooms and teaching equipments
125 09 Schedule of technical staffs of Facilities Management Department
126 10 Photos of techical staffs at classrooms
127 11 The survey forms and the survey results of students about the university’s facilities and equipments;
128 12 Documents to record the lecturers and staffs’ opinions at UT-HCMC’s conferences with content about facilities, equipment
129 13 Proposal documents to purchase equipment for units
130 14 Plans to purchase equipments, repair classrooms and laboratories for training
131 15 Introduction video about UT-HCMC’s libraries at 3 campuses
132 16 The statistics: list of books, documents and equipment in the library
133 17 The statistics: list of books, documents and equipment in the library
134 18 Photos of the digital library introduction
135 19 Photos: library regulations
136 20 Statistical results on the frequency of using library and book, rate and visiting the websites
137 21 Plan to develop and upgrade the library
138 33 Photos of the computer rooms; Statistics on the number of computers and softwares for teaching and research
139 35 Video introducing the University’s information technology infrastructure, the operation of Data Storage and Information Technology Center
140 36 Video introducing the online training system
141 37 Plan to maintain and upgrade the information technology system, supply the specialized computers and softwares
142 38 Samples of survey forms for students and teachers using information technology
143 39 Summary of feedback on the information technology system
144 40 Report  of the feedback from students, lecturers and staffs using information technology systems
145 41 Decision on establishment, function, duties and list of employees of the Health Department, security staffs, fire prevention team…
146 42 Regulation on fire fighting and prevention, regulation on environmental hygiene
147 43 List of fire fighting and preventation equipment, Photos of fire fighting and preventation equipment at locations in the university
148 44 Announcement and report of the training on fire fighting and prevention for staffs, teachers and students
149 45 Notification, working schedule with state agencies on environmental management
150 46 The policy documents for disabled students; List of disabled students studying at the University, statistics on the number of disabled who are supported
151 47 Samples of survey forms for students, lecturers and staffs on environmental safety and sanitation;
152 48 Report on survey of students, lecturers and staffs on environmental safety and hygiene, health care
153 49 Plan to improve environmental, health and safety conditions
154 TC10 01 Decision No: …… Issued the process of building and developing the curriculum
155 10 Survey form, survey data of stakeholders on the process of designing and developing the Curriculum
156 11 Synthesizing the survey reports to get feedback from stakeholders about the curriculum
157 13 Progress of the school year, timeline for each semester
158 14 An introduction video introducing the features and operation of the training management system from Academic Affairs Department
159 25  Statistics on the feedback results of stakeholders on the process of teaching – learning and student assessment acitivities in the last 5 years
160 29 Working regulation of lecturers
161 30 Annoucement of proposal and the approval of scientific research topics, teaching materials, and instruction for student research projects.
162 31 Plan and announcement to check the progress of scientific research projects; Compiling the textbooks and documents
163 32 The acceptance process of scientific research, textbooks, documents…
164 33 Profiles and products of scientific research
165 38 Document regulating the quality assessment process of support services and equipment
166 39 The minutes of training meeting; The minutes of UT-HCMC’s public official and employee Conference and the student dialogue Conference: mentioning the support services, facilities and equipment
167 40 Information to solve the requests for support services, equipment, facilities on the internal website, support system for students
168 41 Questionnaires for the students on the quality of support services and facilities, equipments
169 42 The survey results of students on the quality of support services and equipment in the last 5 years
170 43 Photos of student counselling locations, the counselling process of units providing the support services for students
171 44 Statistics of facilities, equipment built, repaired, purchased for teaching and studying within 5 years
172 45 The operational regulation of Quality Management Department stipulating the functions and duties in collecting feedback from stakeholders.
173 46 Stakeholder survey plan from Quality Management Department
174 47 The operational regulations of other units stipulating the functions and duties in collecting feedback from stakeholders.
175 48 Forms to survey the input, process, output for students
176 TC11 01 Video introducing the features of learning outcome management from Training Management software – EPMT
177 03 Statistics of the percentage of students passing and failing for each modules
178 04 Statistics of the proportion of graduates, dropouts each year
179 21 Plan to survey the employment status of graduated students from 6 months to 1 year of the Quality Management Department; Announcement on the employment status of students from the Student Affairs Department; Survey form, Survey link
180 22 Survey report on the employment status of graduated students
181 26 Regulations on student research activities
182 28 ISO 9001:2015- management process of the student research activities
183 32 The statistics of student research results  from faculties
184 34 The diagram of process for collecting opinions from stakeholders demonstrating the role of the Quality Management Department, units, departments and faculties.
185 39 Benchmarking table of the satisfaction of faculties and other units in University