Asia University network launched the manual of AUN-QA programme assessment, version 4.0

(Thời gian cập nhật: 10:00 22/09/2021)

The promulgation of AUN-QA programme assessment manual, version 4.0 is an important milestone to help universities improve the programme quality in particular and training quality in general. The following article aims to summarize some information about the process of promulgating the AUN 4.0 standard, the basic comparisons between the AUN-QA ver 3.0 and AUN-QA ver 4.0, the timeline for applying the AUN-QA ver 4.0 to help universities get more information in the implementation process.

                      ( Dr. Nguyen Thi My Ngoc and Mr.Johnson Ong Chee Bin)

(The Department of Quality Management)