Article 21. Department of Quality Management

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Article 21. Department of Quality Management

  1. Functions

The Department of Quality Management is responsible for counseling and assisting the President in organizing, managing, implementing educational quality assessment, inspection and internal testing and inspection of UT-HCMC.

  1. Responsibilities

In addition to the responsibilities specified in Article 35 of the Regulation on UT-HCMC’s organization and operation, the Department of Quality Management also has the following responsibilities:

  1. a) Internal Inspection
  2. Developing a plan to inspect and examine on a regular basis, annually and organize the implementation of such plans according to the provisions of law after being approved by the President;
  3. Researching and concretizing legal documents on educational inspection to meet UT-HCMC’s development requirements;
  4. Inspecting and examining the implementation of educational policies and laws;
  5. Inspecting and examining the implementation of objectives, plans, programs, contents, training, testing, degrees and certificates regulations; implementing regulations on curriculum materials, lectures and other necessary conditions to ensure types of training levels quality of the University;
  6. Helping the President to receive and verify complaints and denunciations related to the educational training and propose to the University’s Board of leaders to settle according to regulations of the Law on Complaints and Denunciations;
  7. Performing the tasks of preventing and detecting corruption cases in the field of education and training and propose to the University’s Board of leaders to handle according to the regulations of Anti-Corruption Law;
  8. Reporting and summarizing practical experience in assessment; proposing effective measures to ensure the fulfillment of educational laws; proposing considerable modifications to the current educational regulations;

b) Testing and Assessment

  1. Developing testing and assessment strategies in accordance with the Ministry of Education and Training regulations to meet the general needs of the education and training sector as well as the University and improve the training quality;
  2. Directly develop plans, counsel the President to issue management documents and exam – testing processes, guide testing and assessment, monitor and examine the implementation of documents relating to testing and assessment after issuing;
  3. Supervising the developing and managing of the bank of constructed response, multiple choice questions, oral exams for all subjects in the University; organizing, printing and distributing tests in accordance with the proper procedure; assigning manpower to monitor, testing rooms, and stationery for exams; coordinating to organize exams, supervise the marking and secret-keeping of exam papers in accordance with regulations; solving existences, problems and checking exam papers;
  4. Coordinating with relevant units to organize entrance, graduation exams and other exams of the University;
  5. Organizing the execution of testing and exam reform; proposing necessary technical equipment for the process of organizing exams, marking exam papers and evaluating exam results; deploying information and technology applications into testing and assessment of the University.
  6. Participating in the professional training classes conducted by higher authorities and organizing training sessions for the University’s lecturers on testing and assessment;
  7. Examining, evaluating, and reporting to the President the results of the University’s testing and assessment (once a semester).
  8. c) Quality Assurance
  9. Organizing the development of strategies, plans, management documents on quality assurance, regulations and internal use instructions on the criteria for quality assurance at the educational institution and training program levels;
  10. Establishing an internal quality assurance system; organizing and developing internal quality assurance processes for key activities of the University, directly implementing and supervising all quality assurance activities for the University’s units;
  11. Directly implementing quality self-assessment at the educational institution and training program levels, guiding self-assessment in units, and synthesizing self-assessment results in the University.
  12. Directly organizing and implementing external assessment in the University in response to quality accreditation organizations’ requests;
  13. Directly updating, collecting, processing ranking information, assessing the quality of each unit in the University; preparing records, reports of the University to participate in stratification and ranking according to current regulations;
  14. Participating in appraisal of subjects and majors opening schemes for the university training and cooperation programs; coordinating with units in the implementation of training programs in the University;
  15. Directly organizing and coordinating with units to build and develop quality culture in the University;
  16. Participating in research, proposing and counseling the President on advanced university management models; coordinating with units to organize the exploitation of resources for university governance; participating in building the university’s operation and administration documents;
  17. Building databases and quality security information systems; providing statistics, reporting, analyzing and evaluating quality assurance in response to the University’s Board of leaders’ requests;
  18. Directly organizing and coordinating with units in developing regulations, investigating, surveying and collecting feedback from relevant units and monitoring quality improvement activities;
  19. Organizing training for professional managers and lecturers on building and developing training programs, curriculum, teaching and learning methods, methods for testing and assessment, evaluating and transferring a bank of exam questions.
  20. Organizing professional training and fostering courses, researching and counseling organizations and individuals concerned with testing and assessment, and quality assurance as designated by the President in compliance with the provisions of law;
  21. Basic research, applicable research and technology transfer in the field of educational quality assurance, measurement and evaluation of education quality, educational quality inspection, university governance, building and assessing the quality management system;
  22. Participating in external assessment at the educational institution and training program levels.

Organizational structure

Implementing in accordance with Article 35 of the Regulation on organization and operation of the University.

The divisions of the Department of Quality Management are as follows:

– The Division of Quality Assurance;

– The Division of Testing and Assessment;

– The Division of Inspection.